Habits in the toilet are harmful to health

9 thói quen nguy hại trong nhà vệ sinh, bạn cần bỏ ngay!

Leave the toothbrush in the toilet

Keeping the brush inside the WC area creates a favorable environment for bacteria to grow on the surface. You should leave the brush outside the toilet.

Do not wash bath cotton

9 thói quen nguy hại trong nhà vệ sinh, bạn cần bỏ ngay!

Humid environments are where bacteria thrive. Keeping the sponge in the toilet after use can accumulate a lot of bacteria because this item has a porous mesh. Avoid leaving bath towels in the toilet, let them dry in the sun after use. Clean with soap and warm water once a week.

Hanging towels in the toilet

You should not hang towels on bathroom hooks. Wet wipes will attract bacteria, mold, and viruses to grow. A dirty towel can cause skin fungus, warts. After wiping, dry the towel outdoors, so that all infectious pathogens are destroyed.

Habits in the toilet are harmful to health

You should periodically clean the toilet area

Do not turn on the exhaust fan

Make it a habit to turn on the exhaust fan to push moisture and bacteria out of the bathroom. Otherwise, bacteria continue to live there, causing odors as well as some infections.

Bring a cell phone

When left on the bathroom shelf, the phone will catch bacteria and cause many infections when you use it later. Even if you wash your hands, always think about disinfecting your phone to avoid risk or turn the bathroom into a phone-free zone.

Not cleaning the shower head

Showering cleans the body of dirt, however, it won’t help if your shower head is dirty. The damp and dark holes in the shower are perfect places for bacteria to breed. When the water runs down, bacteria can come into contact with the person taking a shower. So, make it a habit to clean the shower head every two weeks and let the hot water run for a minute to help reduce bacterial colonization.

In addition, there are some bathroom habits you should get rid of, if any: Throw wet towels, condoms, dressing aids, napkins in the toilet; sitting on the toilet for too long (increased risk of hemorrhoids); do not clean the back of the toilet