Habits that many people have when bathing are harmful to health

9 thói quen nguy hiểm nhiều người mắc phải sau khi tập thể thao

Shower brings refreshment, fun to start a new day or after hours of work. This routine not only nourishes the skin, but also relieves the stress of fatigue. However, pharmacist Hussain Abdeh, Director of Medicine Direct (UK) warned, if you don’t pay attention, you may get the wrong way of bathing which is harmful to your health.

“Long hot showers damage your skin. Many people like to enjoy the feeling of standing under hot water for as long as possible, especially on cold days,” explains Abdeh.

“In a way, a thorough shower is a good thing. When you wash your body with soap, the sweat and dirt that causes odors will disappear. But standing under hot water for too long, your skin is no longer there. soft, losing the necessary moisture”.

9 thói quen nguy hiểm nhiều người mắc phải sau khi tập thể thao

Therefore, people with this habit will experience dryness, itching or skin irritation. In some severe cases, the skin will be red, cracked, leading to infection

What you should do

Therefore, you should limit bathing time to about 10 minutes and keep the water as cool as possible but not too cold.

One study found that taking a cold shower boosts the immune system. Those with that habit were 29% less likely to take sick leave than the rest of the population.

Others choose to soak in cold water for its slimming effects, improved sleep, and reduced inflammation — all of which are beneficial for heart health.

However, at present, the evidence is not enough to draw the exact conclusion that bathing in hot or cold water at a moderate time is better for health.

Other mistakes when bathing

In addition, washing your hair every day can be a bad habit for your hair. “While it’s important to keep your hair clean and each person will wash their hair more or less often depending on their hair type, washing it every day can do more harm than good,” explains Mr Abdeh.

“Shampoo often strips the hair of the natural oils it needs to stay strong and soft. Washing too much can make your hair dry and brittle.”

In addition, a dry and flaky scalp is at risk of being a breeding ground for dandruff, which is unsightly. Stress and cold weather also make dandruff worse.