Killing a patient with disinfectant, a former Japanese nurse was sentenced to life in prison

Nữ y tá Nhật Bản lĩnh án chung thân vì sát hại 3 bệnh nhân bằng thuốc sát trùng |

The Yokohama District Court of Japan, today (November 9), sentenced a former nurse to life in prison for killing 3 patients by injecting disinfectant into their IV bags at a local hospital. 2016.

According to Kyodo News, 34-year-old Ayumi Kuboki admitted in court that she killed patients by mixing disinfectant solution into their IV bags at the Oguchi hospital where she worked. The defendant explained that she did so to let the patient die at a time when she was not on duty, thereby avoiding the risk of being blamed by the patient’s family.

Nữ y tá Nhật Bản lĩnh án chung thân vì sát hại 3 bệnh nhân bằng thuốc sát  trùng |

According to the indictment, between September 15 and 19, 2016, Kuboki injected an antiseptic into the veins of three patients, leading to the deaths of Asae Okitsu (78 years old), Sozo Nishikawa (88 years old) and Nobuo Yamaki (88 years old).

The prosecutor recommended the death penalty. However, Judge Kazunori Karei agreed with the defendant’s defense attorney, reducing the sentence to life in prison. The reason given was that the female nurse killed the patient when her psychological capacity was limited.

The results of previous tests and evaluations showed that, at the time of poisoning 3 elderly patients, Kuboki had autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Besides, the defendant also showed remorse during the trial and apologized to the victims’ families at the trial.

“The defendant understood the gravity of the crime, even expressing in the final statement that he wanted to correct the mistake with his own death. Let her face the burden of guilt for the rest of her life. and having a chance to get a refund is a fair decision,” the judge affirmed.

Oguchi Hospital has been closed since 2019.