Korean office workers are afraid of going back to work

Dân văn phòng Hàn Quốc sợ quay lại chỗ làm - Đời sống

Many Korean workers, especially young people, worry that returning to the company will mean forced drinking after work and loss of private time.

In the October poll of 1,460 office workers by job portal Saramin, 53.3% of respondents expressed concern about the resumption of after-hours gatherings, which often include drinking. alcohol and was forced to stay until his boss allowed him to go home, according to Chosun Ilbo.

Dân văn phòng Hàn Quốc sợ quay lại chỗ làm - Đời sống

Reluctance was particularly pronounced among people in their 20s (59.4%) and 30s (60.7%). Meanwhile, people in their 40s are 41.5% and only 26.4% of employees in their 50s show aversion.

“Millennials don’t like to gather after work and are now worried that they will be deprived of private time again. However, the group of people in their 40s and 50s believe it would be good to be able to return again interacting with colleagues after nearly 2 years of hiatus,” said Lim Min-wook, working at Saramin.

In addition, 68.9% of respondents also said that they are worried that the country is returning to normal activities too soon, mainly because of concerns about the risk of spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Many office workers in the land of kimchi are afraid to drink with their boss after work after the pandemic. Photo: Getty.

In Korea, the situation of drinking and eating after work is also known as “hwaesik” (drinking with colleagues). In a hierarchical society like Korea, this has long become a culture, even perverted, forcing employees to participate.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, this situation temporarily disappeared when companies let employees work from home, and people had to keep their distance from Covid-19. As a result, many employees have more time for personal hobbies.

From November 1, restaurants, cafes and bars in Korea have reopened 24/24 according to the government’s campaign to live with Covid-19. Many companies and businesses have also allowed employees to start coming back to the office after working online.