When should you get married

Phụ nữ nên lấy chồng năm bao nhiêu tuổi là đẹp nhất?

As a woman, the most relaxed age is when you are not married, it is free time to love yourself, pay filial piety to your parents, go to new lands to discover things that have never been seen before. see.

Looking at the girls rushing to ask me how to “close the wedding”, I understand their own pressure, but I can’t help but be surprised. After graduating from university, he was only 22 years old, in addition to special cases, after graduating from school and working for a few years, he could not quickly have many achievements and rich finances. Gold wants to marry away?

Phụ nữ nên lấy chồng năm bao nhiêu tuổi là đẹp nhất?

Being able to take care of yourself with food, clothes, and a little money is already lucky. The rest is still eating today, I don’t know how tomorrow, the money for self-defense may not be available. Is getting married in such a state really stable?

Is it possible that the “small” part of the dowry from the parents’ parents is brought back to the husband’s house, the remaining months are “in thanksgiving”. After all, it’s just a step from one precariousness to another.

In a developed society, people do not attach importance to the age of marriage as well as the measure of marriage to stabilize life. I don’t see in them the concept of “the fate of a girl with 12 wharfs, thanks to the turbidity”, because they don’t have the mindset to entrust their life to others and then hold them accountable.

They get married when they feel they have found the right person, want to live together for the rest of their lives, having each other makes both of them more perfect every day. They get married when they themselves feel ready to take responsibility for their married life

Of course, because they are fortunate to live in a civilized environment, people around them respect their privacy so as not to ask silly questions: “When will you get married?” We can’t change the people around us, so at least don’t let it negatively affect important decisions in our lives.

Do not consider life a gamble, do not entrust yourself to the turbidity of fate, and do not think that you have to be like the majority to be safe. Everyone has the right to choose and only get married when they are really stable economically and ideologically as well as sincerely wishing to hold someone’s hand and enter a new chapter in life, which is long-term stability. long.

Before that time, please pay filial piety to your parents, eat well, dress well, cultivate your character, more or less save an amount to save yourself. Marriage should be two happy people finding each other to share their happiness, not finding someone responsible for their happiness